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Massage Gel


By combining our SIZE UP Massage Gel with the exercises on the DVD and the SIZE UP Power Capsules, you will gain bigger, better and faster.

The SIZE UP Massage Gel is a water-based lubricant which contains a unique herbal formulation that increases the skin’s elasticity, making it more receptive to the enlargement process. The power of the Massage Gel lies in the herbal and nutritive ingredients that penetrate on contact, making the tissues more responsive to growth-oriented penile exercises.

The Massage Gel warms instantly to the touch, adding to your comfort and enhancing the exercise-experience. While you’re enjoying the pleasurable, silky sensation as you smooth it on, the gel absorbs directly into the penile tissues where it begins to work immediately by increasing your blood flow and stimulating the individual pores of the penile tissues to dilate and expand beyond their normal capacity.




  • 150ml SIZE UP Massage Gel


Simply flip the cap and squirt a coin-sized portion of the SIZE UP Massage Gel into the palm of your hand, gently massage into the penis before commencing with your exercise program per the SIZE UP DVD.


All our ingredients are 100% natural.

  • Formulation: Water-based Gel, Menthol, L’Argenine, Bioperine®



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I just have to say, I was skeptical at first about these exercises. I've used so many other products in the past and have not had any gains from them. So, you could understand why I might doubt the effectiveness of using gel with hand exercises. Well, I'm a skeptic no more! I LOVE your product& all the technique’s! Using a combination of the gel, capsules and along with my stretching exercises, I am really starting to notice a change in the appearance of my penis size. My erections are also increasing in strength. Thank you so much!

Meyburgh- Bloemfontein

My wife gave birth to our last child 6 months ago and since then sex just does not feel the same as she has stretched quite a bit in that area. My main concern was that my size was too small to satisfy her. After using Size Up for a month, I can already see the difference! My penis had increased in length and thickness! No more dissatisfied wife! Things are going back to normal thanks to you!

VanDen Heever – Brandfort

Size Up provided me with revolutionary stretching exercises that made a very speedy difference in my penis size. I would say without hesitation that for someone who is interested in having a larger penis QUICK, that the good money is on Size Up. I have taken before and after photos if you are interested. Thanks!

Coetzee – Burgersdorp

Wow! I have noticed results within a couple weeks on Size Up!
These penis exercises are absolutely amazing to the Penis Enlargement industry. I needed both length and girth and penis strength. The exercises offered on this program are genuine and they work. I can honestly say that I have increased double in size! I'm hooked!

P. Frazer – Bellville

I saw your advert online, and placed an order and received my parcel the next day! Thank you for your quick and reliable service!

S.Sayers – Johannesburg

Lovemaking is so much better than ever before! I now have really good control and orgasms are much More intense for both of us! You have a wonderful product here and I will recommend it to all my friends!

N.Van Der Westhuizen – Heidelberg

With just doing a couple of exercises a day on Size Up, I can’t believe the results! My penis, which, back in December last year, was 12cm when erect, has grown in size to being 17cm when erect! Let’s just say my girlfriend is extremely happy! THANK YOU SIZE UP!

G.Smith –Vanderbijl Park

A friend of mine told me about these magic pills that increase your “manly hood” naturally a few weeks ago. I didn’t take him seriously until I checked out your website and read all the information about the product. I ordered the full package and I am on my second helping of capsules and gel now and never expected to see such dramatic results so soon.