How Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Let’s be honest, every man wants a larger, stronger, healthier penis.

Penis Illustration

Penis Enlargement is not that complicated to understand. The penis’ main function is to enlarge, and this process happens automatically when you get an erection. Our Size Up System uses this inherent bodily function as its basis and builds on it to help you achieve gains and combat erection problems, naturally. The penis has three main chambers – two larger ones on top and one smaller chamber along the bottom. The medical terms for these chambers are Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum.

When you get an erection, blood fills these chambers. The main blood holding tissue is the Corpora Cavernosa. Your penis size is determined by the degree of expansion that occurs within these chambers. Once the maximum expansion is reached, you are at full erection. This is where our program comes into play… The tissues in these chambers can be safely increased and expanded, thereby increasing your penis size. The Size Up System shows you how!

Size Does Matter

In the competitive world we now live in, where just about everything has gone super-sized, one can’t help but wonder if bigger is better. Men are by nature competitive beings, especially when it comes to their ability to perform sexually and satisfy their partners. An inevitable source of pride or shame has thus become the size of that with which you’ve been endowed. After all, who wants to be just an “Average Joe” when you could unleash your full potential? According to a recent survey conducted by a Condom Manufacturing Company, 67% of women said that they were unhappy with their lover’s penis size. A larger penis has more surface area and is thus capable of stimulating more nerve endings, thereby providing more pleasure for both you and your partner. Proof that penis size does matter!

Why our System?

Our unique first in the world system consists of a full length Instructional Exercise DVD packed with over 30 full length videos showing how to develop the Corpora Cavernosa.  By using our specially formulated, 100% natural Size Up Capsules and the Size Up Massage Gel in conjunction with the exercises on the DVD you will gain better, bigger and faster! Simply follow our detailed, easy-to- use guide for as little as seven minutes a day and take your Sex life to the next level!

How long will it take to see results?

Tape Measure

Week 1

Stronger & healthier penis

Tape Measure

Week 2

Harder Erection

Tape Measure

Week 3

Increased sex drive + Ejaculation

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Week 4

Increased girth and length size

Watch the Video

Our unique DVD exercise system will take you through 3 different levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. These three levels will cover over 30 Full length exercises that have been specifically designed to help improve the overall health of your penis.

Each phase is beautifully illustrated and contains Penis Enlargement diagrams, sound, text and video files for easy comprehension. We also provide invaluable information on how to increase the size and volume of your ejaculations. Make each and every orgasm feel like thunder! Your penis will gain a very muscular look, both when erect and flaccid. A special section focuses on strengthen your PC muscle which has a a direct impact on Ejaculation control. Simply follow our detailed yet easy to use guide for as little as seven minutes a day and take your Sex life to the next level! By using our specially formulated 100% natural Size Up capsules and the Size Up massage gel you will gain bigger, faster and better.